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HR departments: you have daunting tasks: find the right people to fill the organization’s needs in an ever-changing world; bring the best and brightest into your organization quickly, and help develop your workforce to meet the needs of the organization and the people within it. You juggle tight deadlines, compliance and diversity requirements, and often technology holds you back.  

Monster Software Solutions are technologies developed to help you find, hire, and develop your workforce better and more efficiently than ever before.

Talent Acquisition

Powered by our multi-patented semantic search technology, Monster talent acquisition solutions help you identify, analyze, and hire the best candidate to fill your vacancies, ensuring the right decision is made to avoid costly staff turnover. Our workflow automation solutions dramatically improve communication, execution, and management of your hiring process for both human resources staff and new employees.

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Talent Management

Monster Talent Management is a suite of pre-hire and post-hire talent management tools and services that reduce integration costs, avoid data dead-ends, and provide end users with one unified experience. With proven functionality for all stages of the HR lifecycle, Monster Talent Management is your single, unified solution for attracting, growing, and retaining the very best talent.

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Our analytics solutions help you find the right hire in less time, identify the best geographies to locate specialized talent and college hires, overlay labor market data with your own talent databases, analyze job response data to optimize recruitment strategies moving forward, and look internally to see if there’s a strong candidate to fill your position.

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