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Make Informed Recruitment Decisions Based on All Your Talent Data

What is Monster Cloud Analytics?

Powered by our award-winning semantic search technology, Monster Cloud Analytics helps you understand, plan, forecast, and manage your talent recruitment strategy.

How does Monster Cloud Analytics work?

Using data culled from within your talent databases, Monster Cloud Analytics analyzes the labor market to help you create effective recruiting strategies and make more informed hiring decisions. Monster Cloud Analytics provides deep insights on your current talent pools to better prepare you for a variety of business and recruiting initiatives and competitive challenges.

What does Monster Cloud Analytics accomplish?

Monster Cloud Analytics arms you with relevant data before making long-term decisions, saving you the time and expense that can result from making the wrong hires. Monster Cloud Analytics measures talent source performance and provides access to industry data to identify strengths, skills needs, and trends within your organization and improves recruitment planning.

Why is Monster Cloud Analytics unique?

Only Monster provides a cloud-based analytics platform, powered by our semantic search technology, that offers a fast, insightful approach to making informed recruitment decisions and hiring the right talent.