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Make Better Business Decisions Based on Labor Market Data

What is Monster Talent Analytics?

Monster Talent Analytics provides a data analytics platform with access to the Monster resume database to help you analyze labor market statistics for more informed business decisions.

How does Monster Talent Analytics work?

Using our patented semantic search technology, Monster Talent Analytics analyzes data within the vast Monster resume database to surface labor market insights that support competitor intelligence, new-store location planning, targeted college recruiting campaigns, and more.

What does Monster Talent Analytics accomplish?

Monster Talent Analytics provides data-driven insights that save time and money when making long-term business decisions. Monster Talent Analytics improves recruitment strategies and planning by identifying top skills for a position, as well as the strongest colleges or locations for recruiting specialized talent. This allows business leaders to build new locations in areas flush with talent, while ensuring that recruiters are focusing time and resources more effectively.

Why is Monster Talent Analytics unique?

Only Monster Talent Analytics provides an analytics platform, powered by our award-winning semantic search technology, with access to the Monster resume database for a more informed approach to competitive analysis, resource planning, and business decisions.