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Engage Qualified Candidates with Monster Cloud CRM

What is Monster Cloud CRM?
Monster Cloud CRM is an easy to use communications platform that helps you correspond with candidates using customizable email campaigns. 

How does Monster Cloud CRM work?
You can create and launch targeted email campaigns to correspond with job seekers and link those messages to a Monster Job Ad or send them directly to your hiring link.

Monster Cloud CRM helps you understand candidate behaviors with robust, real-time analytics and reporting that provide rich insights on top-performing campaigns, as well as how to formulate the best recruitment strategies.

Monster Cloud CRM features our award-winning semantic search technology to identify the best candidates in just seconds. Search and include relevant candidates from your existing talent pools, regardless of where they were originally sourced.

What does Monster Cloud CRM accomplish?
Monster Cloud CRM enables you to find and keep the right candidates interested in jobs at your organization, which is especially important when recruiting for hard to fill positions.  

Why is Monster Cloud CRM unique?
Only Monster Cloud CRM gives you the option to tap the Monster talent database, as well as your own talent pools, to quickly and easily find and reach out to the best-qualified candidates in one easy process.