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Enhance the Candidate Experience and Increase Engagement with a Monster Career Site 

What is Monster Talent Gateway?
Monster Talent Gateway is a tailored career site solution that helps you enhance the candidate experience and increase engagement to ultimately attract and convert more qualified candidates.

Are you a small or medium sized business?
Monster Career Site SMB is a turnkey career site solution made specifically for you. The platform is built to engage and grab modern talent’s attention, provide a positive candidate experience, lead to increased engagement, and the conversion of more and better qualified candidates.

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression."

How does Monster Talent Gateway work?
Leveraging the full breadth of Monster’s technical expertise and industry knowledge, we'll create a powerful career site that inspires, energizes, and engages top talent. Using responsive design, Monster Talent Gateway optimizes career sites for any device, enabling you to engage talent on whichever platform they choose.   

What does Monster Talent Gateway accomplish?
Monster Talent Gateway allows you to focus on what matters - your brand and the attributes about your organization that make it attractive to job seekers.

  • Reach a wider audience through connectivity to job boards, social media, and search engines
  • Convey recruitment messages via branded mobile and micro sites
  • Engage job seekers where they “hang out”—online
  • Convert more applicants through seamless integration with an employer’s existing Applicant Tracking System
  • Build and maintain a candidate database that follows the job seeker’s journey and ensures future communications are relevant and timely
  • Retain more hires by building stronger relationships early

Why is Monster Talent Gateway unique?
Because employers have unique recruitment and retention needs, Monster Talent Gateway can be customized to reflect a company’s brand and personality. Monster’s technology also supports responsive design capabilities so job seekers can access an employer’s recruiting information from any device at any time. Employers can expand their careers ecosystem to include social media properties, creating a consistent user experience wherever job seekers browse.