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Hire the Right Candidate for the Right Position Fast with Monster Cloud Search

What is Monster Cloud Search?
Monster Cloud Search is a semantic search platform that redefines the way you find and manage talent. 

How does Monster Cloud Search work?
Monster Cloud Search aggregates all of your resumes from all of your sources into a single, secure cloud environment. Using our award-winning semantic search technology, Monster Cloud Search intuitively interprets the context of your search terms, allowing you to search, compare, rank, and manage talent. Monster Cloud Search analytics tap the data in your talent databases to uncover labor market insights that help you plan your recruitment strategy and make better hiring decisions.

What does Monster Cloud Search accomplish?
By consolidating disparate resume databases and sources into a single, secure, searchable cloud environment, Monster Cloud Search produces the right resumes, across all your potential talent pools, in just seconds. Our semantic search technology delivers precise candidate matching so you can compare, rank, and manage talent in a lot less time.

Monster Cloud Search analytics measure talent source performance to see where the best candidates are coming from, while identifying skills strengths, gaps, and trends to inform and shape your recruitment strategy.

Why is Monster Cloud Search unique?
Only Monster Cloud Search features our award-winning, semantic search technology and powerful Monster Cloud Analytics, ensuring that you find the right candidate for the right position from any of your talent pools.