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Simplify Every Stage of the HR Life Cycle with a Unified Experience

Monster Talent Management is a suite of pre-hire and post-hire talent management tools and services that reduce integration costs, avoid data dead-ends, and provide end users with one unified experience. With proven functionality for all stages of the HR lifecycle, the Monster Talent Management Suite is your single, unified solution for attracting, growing, and retaining the very best talent. Deploy the entire suite or grow with one solution at a time.

Manage the Candidate Pipeline
With Monster Applicant
Tracking and Onboarding

Monster Applicant Tracking and Onboarding helps enterprises find the right talent by increasing visibility into the applicant pipeline and communicate better with applicants, candidates, and hiring managers to improve overall quality of the hire and accelerate the onboarding process.

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Personalize Learning Paths
With Monster Talent Learning

Monster Talent Learning helps enterprises personalize the experience of the individual learner. It reduces compliance and risks associated with expiring certifications, personalizes learning plans to help employees achieve their goals, and heightens employee engagement within the organization.

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Align Performance and Organizational Goals
With Monster Talent Performance

Monster Talent Performance automates employee performance reviews to bring greater efficiencies and better alignment of employee performance to organizational goals.

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Identify, Develop, and Retain Top Talent
With Monster Career Development and Succession Planning

Monster Career Development and Succession Planning is an automated, web-based solution that empowers your organization to identify, retain, and develop top talent. This module can be used by small businesses or global organizations across multiple offices.

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Monster Talent Management improves the efficiency and consistency of workflows, processes, data and analytics across all stages of the HR lifecycle in a single, unified platform. We provide a scalable and customizable solution, optimized for both desktop and mobile environments. Our business solution automates HR processes and provides real-time data updates for a single view of the HR lifecycle.

Monster’s Talent Management SaaS technology platforms provide the only talent management solution in the world that enables organizations of all sizes to identify, recruit, develop, motivate, and retain top performers — on the same platform with a single, shared database.