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Personalize the Learning Experience with Monster Talent Learning

What is Monster Talent Learning?
Monster Talent Learning helps your organization personalize an individual's learning experience. It reduces compliance and risks associated with expiring certifications, personalizes learning plans to help employees achieve their goals, and heightens employee engagement.

How does Monster Talent Learning work?
HR administrators can create a full range of personalized learning experiences to perfectly align with an organization’s goals. It supports blended learning environments and online training so that organizations can use the best method to accomplish both an individual’s and the organization's goals.

With Monster Talent Learning, employers can:

  • Track required training and certifications, particularly for highly regulated industries such as healthcare and financial services
  • Maintain organizational compliance by effectively managing certification programs and certification renewals
  • Align learning and development spending with their business strategy
  • Manage and track individual learning plans for the organization or by specific job categories
  • Track tuition assistance, approvals, caps, and disbursements
  • Build and store a full catalog of instructor-led, online, external courses, or develop custom content
  • Integrate third party courseware that is SCORM, AICC, and Tin Can compliant
  • Enable learners to recommend courses to their peers and collaborate with classmates with easy to use employee portals and social learning
  • Allow employees to access prior courses archived within the system 

What does Monster Talent Learning accomplish?
Monster Talent Learning makes learning social, fun, personalized, and measurable for both corporate and individual effectiveness. Our comprehensive, engaging solution enables your organization to house a full catalog of instructor-led, online, or external courses, as well as create and automatically assign curricula to employees directly.

Why is Monster Talent Learning unique?
Monster Talent Learning offers unprecedented configurability and is fully unified into our talent management suite, Monster Talent Management.